Ray J Sources call that Kim Never took Ectasy during Shoot

Kim Kardashian never contacted happiness amid the taping of her sex tape with Ray J … so demand sources straightforwardly associated with the ‘Adoration and Hip Hop’ star.
Kim asserted she took delight twice – when she wedded her first spouse in 2000 and again when she shot the tape in 2003 – and she says the two encounters were awful for her.
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Our Ray J conveyances say Kim took no tough medications nor did she had liquor amid the shooting of the sex tape. They do state, be that as it may, she smoked pot around the time the tape was made … what’s more, it was from a pipe molded like a penis.
Concerning Kim saying her edge shuddering was proof she was of joy, the Ray J conveyances reply back  … “her lip was trembling since she was getting ******.”
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Sources near Kim reveal to us she remains by the case she made on the show – she did in actuality take the medication before the tape was shot – and she has nothing to pick up from lying about it now in her life. We’re advised Kim is grateful to have taken in at an early stage from the encounters with medications and ascribes those exercises to her choice to not get vigorously engaged with medications or liquor through adulthood.
Our Ray J sources include he’s annoyed that Kim would recommend she did the sex tape since she was in an essentially modified state. They say she was down with it from the earliest starting point and completely through.
Source: TMZ and The Edge

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