Cardinals are probably one of the most beautiful birds and are known for their bright red color. In native American lore states, it is also believed that if a person sees a cardinal, s/he would have good luck in just 2 weeks. We know it sounds a little strange but maybe it’s true because this bird is known for its loyalty as well. 

The cardinal that we have come accross today is a species in a different hue. This bird is not bright red but yellow in color. That’s right! Chelsea Curry noticed a yellow songbird perched at her home. Then, she called her husband, Richard. 

“I argued that it was not because there was no such thing. He told me he didn’t know there was either, but it was definitely a cardinal. We Googled it, and that’s when we realized that it really was a yellow cardinal and just how rare they are,” Curry told USA TODAY. 

“Almost all land birds only ingest yellow pigments. There are almost no red carotenoids in the diets of cardinals or almost any other bird,” Hill told USA TODAY.

“Most people spend most of their lives with no thoughts about birds whatsoever,” Hill said. “If you bring a focus on birds to 10 times more people than they’ve ever focused on birds before, that’s absolutely good.”

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