Sylvester Stallone is back with Rambo 5 Last Blood for the last time. The movie will release in September this year. The series has already set some standards and the final part will certainly surprise the audience.

Stallone’s rise to popularity was credited to the first Rambo movie, The First Blood in 1982. His iconic Rambo character became a major fan favourite and the four movies grossed over a billion dollars around the globe at the box office.

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What will be the storyline for Rambo 5?
Rambo 5 Last Blood will be the last installment of the Rambo series

The story will revolve around John Rambo, the American War Veteran. He is on a mission to save Gabrielle. The story is set up in Mexico. Gabrielle is the daughter of one of John Rambo’s friend. The Mexican cartel has kidnapped her and we will see Rambo take on an entire cartel.

Rambo will take help from a journalist to track down and rescue Gabrielle along with other local girls, who were kidnapped by the sex trafficking ring operated by the Mexican cartel.

Who are the cast members for Rambo 5?

The star cast consists of some of the great actors that you have seen. These include:

  • Sylvester Stallone as John J. Rambo
  • Paz Vega as Carmen Delgado
  • Adriana Barraza as Maria
  • Yvette Monreal as Gabrielle
  • Sergio Peris-Mencheta as Hugo Martinez

When will Rambo 5 Last Blood release?

Rambo 5 last blood release date cast
Credits: Daily Express

The last and final installment of Rambo will release on 20 September 2019. The pre-production and production of the movie have been completed. The crew members and the cast are working on the post-production part of the movie currently.

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