One of Australia’s most famous landmarks, the Sydney Opera house will shortly be blatantly used for commercialization. Ads will be flashed on the sails of the Opera House of horse race and this has prompted a signature collection effort to put together a petition which will call for the scrapping of the plan to use the Opera House for commercial activities.

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The Chaser gang came up with an innovative plan to highlight the issue. They played a prank by hoisting a high powered projector onto a SUV and checked out the capacity of the projector to illuminate buildings and landmarks with prank messages.

They chose to beam up the personal number of Alan Jones, the radio host who had opposed Louise Herron the chief executive of the Opera House. She was against the idea of using the sails of the Opera House or advertising the Everest Cup.   The Chaser gang also intends to target Prime Minister Prime Minister Scott Morrison. He had apparently considered the sails of the Opera House to be one of the biggest billboards in Sydney.

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The gang first chose to play their prank on the Art Gallery of New South Wales before they zeroed in on the Opera House itself, which is a masterpiece by Jørn Utzon.  This is a novel way of protesting by calling to attention the effects or the impact of marring the look of the landmark that is one of the most sought after tourist spots. With many signatories getting together to push for a move for preventing the ads, what remains to be seen is the eventual decision. As it stands the decision to project the ads remains unchanged as the actual event itself will go live on the 13th of October.

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