Rachel McAdams proudly showed off her armpit hair in a raw photoshoot with minimal retouching.

The 44-year-old actress rose to fame in the early 2000s with roles in The Notebook and Mean Girls. In the April issue of Bustle, she was photographed and talked about her upcoming role in the movie version of the book Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret. In the interview that went with the story, Rachel McAdams talked about how she feels about her body and why it’s important for her to show normal bodies.

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Rachel McAdams posed for the shoot in just her underwear and a jacket, so her armpit hair was on full display.

She is said to have asked that the photos be “edited as little as possible” so that the magazine could show her real look.

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For Bustle’s photo shoot, April cover star #RachelMcAdams requested the images be edited as *minimally* as possible.

“I love that juxtaposition of beauty, glam, fantasy, and then truth.”
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Rachel McAdams has talked about this idea before. When promoting the 2017 movie Disobedience, she talked about a photoshoot for Girls Girls Girls magazine in which she posed in a br*, jacket, and br*ast pump.

I love that juxtaposition of beauty, glam, fantasy, and then truth,

She thought back to the shoot, which took place in 2018 not long after she had her first child.

Rachel McAdams

As for the Bustle shoot, Rachel McAdams said:

With this shoot, I’m wearing latex underwear. But I’ve had two children. This is my body, and I think that’s so important to reflect back out to the world. It’s okay to look your best and work at it and be healthy, but that’s different for everyone.

During the interview, McAdams also talked about some advice her mother had given her in the past.

I’m going to give you the advice [my mother] gave me: ‘Once you start, you can never stop.’ And I remember rolling my eyes about that and thinking: ‘Ugh, that’s not the fun answer,’

she said.

But it’s so true. Life is long, shaving is intense. But if you’re going to go ahead with it anyway, watch the ankle bones, the shins … Always have shaving cream. If you want to stop shaving again one day, that’s okay too,

the mother-of-two added.

McAdams also talked about her part in the movie version of the best-selling book Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret by Judy Blume. In the coming-of-age movie, Abby Ryder Fortson plays Margaret, a teenager who grew up with a Christian mother (Rachel McAdams) and a Jewish father (Benny Safdie) in a mixed-faith family. The movie will show Margaret as she grows up and goes to school.

The actress thought back to her own awkward teenage years and told Bustle,

I remember being very disappointed by my first bra. I wanted leopard print, but it was more like a bandeau top with a tiny little white bow. The boys just seemed relentless.