People keep dogs, cats, ponies, raccoons, spiders, ants, and many other animals as pets. But have you ever heard anyone saying that they have a beaver as a pet? We are sure you haven’t heard anyone. And do you know why? It’s just that beavers are so hard working. 

Confused? Okay, so the thing is that if you ever keep a beaver as a pet, it will constantly keep cutting woods. And who knows it might even start building a dam. No, we aren’t joking. 

Actually, we have come across a story of a cute beaver that has built a dam in its rescuer’s home. This beaver has used literally everything that he found lying in the house from pillows, tissue boxes, buckets, plungers, and everything else. 

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Ever wondered what it’s like having a beaver around the house? Well, it’s very much them living out their instincts

This adorable beaver was rescued from the side of the road where he was abandoned. At that time, this beaver was just 3 weeks old. Nancy is the one who has rescued this beaver named, Beave. She thinks that the parents of this cute little beaver might have got killed. Otherwise, they would not have left this baby on the side of a road. 

Meet Beave, a rescue beaver who has been taken in by a wildlife rehabber until he’s ready to go back to the wild

And, no matter where he is, he does what beavers do best—build dams, of course!

Nancy is a licensed wildlife rehabilitation specialist. She has helped many such abandoned animals in the past. But the thing is that beavers are a little different from other wildlife animals. Till the time beavers are with their parents, they literally learn EVERYTHING from them.

Beave was picked up from the side of the road when he was just 3 weeks old

It is speculated that Beave’s parents were killed by poachers and Beave was simply abandoned at the road

According to the rehabilitation program, he’ll stay with the wildlife rehabber for around 2 years

Once Nancy even shared a video. In that video, she was saying that she wants Beave to eat solid food. Although Beave has started eating, he still needs to be fed by hand. 

Right now, Beave is in rehab and is planning to stay there for the next 2 years. While he is there, he will do what he is best at, i.e., building the dams.

“Beave is just starting to the dam with household objects, but has not yet started outside or in water,” elaborated Nancy. “He dams pretty much every evening. When I clean it up, he just rebuilds!”

Videos of Beave building ‘dams’ at home using various household objects have begun surfacing

His dams involve everything from pillows to metal racks to plungers to anything else he gets his paws on

The dams that Beave has built is not any normal dam. It’s because this dam is made of pillows, tissues, and everything else that came on the way of this little beaver.

“The most challenging part about rehabbing a beaver is trying to teach him to learn all the things his parents would teach him. He does chew everything in the house, but with each rehab, there are unique challenges.”

Beave has his very own TikTok channel with over 370,000 people following his daily shenanigans

If given enough time and items, Beave is sure to leave a messy pile of random stuff in the doorway