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Recent reports have stated that a few decades back, Queen Elizabeth snubbed Camilla Parker Bowles at Prince Charles’ birthday and that made the Prince angry. It is no surprise that Her Majesty did not approve of the relationship at the time, and almost everyone knew that.

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Why did Queen Elizabeth snub Camilla?

Queen Elizabeth made Prince Charles angryPrior to her accident in 1997, Princess Diana had said that her relationship with Prince Charles was forever doomed because her marriage had three people in it. She was referring to the fact that the Prince of Wales and Camilla were having an affair.

When Queen Elizabeth threw a party for Prince Charles’ 50th birthday, she did not include Camilla on the guest list. Royal biographer Penny Junor revealed in her book The Untold Story that the two faked warmth in public. While the reality was that the Prince of Wales was infuriated that his mother was cold towards Camilla.

How things have progressed

Queen Elizabeth made Prince Charles angryBut that was two decades ago, and the relationship between the two women has definitely progressed. It appears that Queen Elizabeth has finally turned around and come to accept Camilla as part of the family.

On Charles’ 70th birthday in November last year, Her Majesty praised the Duchess of Cornwall. She mentioned how Camilla help Prince Charles to become “his own man”.