Putin addresses Russia celebrating about America’s weakening influence in Global market, which might be a way for Russia to proclaim its place as master influencer.

Vladimir Putin, president of Russia declared that the influence of America on a global level has finally ended. Putin calls it an improvement he recognised in Trump’s reign as the president of the United States. In his annual public address, he also stated that the end of America’s domination over global market should be celebrated as it would pave a way for Russia to claim the position and create a space to exert its supremacy now.

He also stated that huge empires like the United States think that little mistakes can be made since they are so powerful and that these little mistakes would not cost them much. But, they fail to realise that when the growth of these small mistakes rapidly increases, it can a put a stop to their sustainability in power, as a whole. He said that he is glad that America’s domination is over and that it has been a gateway for Russia and its allies to exert their influence on global market. Adding further, he rebuked the United States for having a sense of exemption from all of these mistakes because of the power of their ‘monopoly’ on global market.

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Putin lashed out the media for saying that his relationship with the American president as poor, instead he claims that Donald Trump listens to everything he says and also believes in a building a better relationship with Russia. Ever since his presidency, disciplinary actions as a counter attack to Russia’s hostility and violent behaviour in countries like Syria and Ukraine had reduced and are not as severe and impactful as earlier, due to the now strengthened bond between the presidents of both the superpowers.

Though the claims made by Vladimir Putin’s speech were intended to boost the national image of Russia among global leaders, sadly for America all the declarations are true for the growth of the United States in global market has seen a steady decrease, during Trump’s presidency. Under his presidency, the relationship between America and other countries across the globe have been tart and the United States’ rating has started to sink. And, within a year of Trump ruling the office, people have started to feel that the leadership of China is far better than that of the United States.

The reason for this is clearly evident as Donald Trump has not stood by the values of America which has been followed for years. Instead, he chose to be allies with global leaders with a bad reputation or sometimes known for their dictatorship ruling like Kim Jong Un of North Korea, the most recent bond with the tyrannical Royal family of Saudi or the president of Russia Vladimir Putin himself, etc, instead of partnering with democratic leaders, which could actually benefit them and lead the United States to a profitable growth.

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