Purina, Intel, and Land O’ Lakes ditch support for Rep. Steve King after inflammatory comments


    The Corporate donors who have been financially supporting Republican Rep. Steve King of Iowa are now pulling back their support and the reason behind this are the inflammatory comments that the congressman has made in the past eight months of tenure-ship, especially the ones made in the light of the Pittsburgh synagogue massacre in which 11 people died.

    In an announcement made this Tuesday by the Land O’ Lakes, it said that it will be axing the financial contributions which it had made to the King’s political campaign who is competing in the elections to be held on the 6th of this November.

    Source: NBCnews

    Purina which is Nestle owned company of pet food maker also tweeted this Tuesday that it is also pulling back its support to the King’s political campaign further adding that it is all because of his recent statements which are conflicting with their values.

    Intel had been working with the Republican for the theft protection of IP on legislation also stated that after reviewing the statements of the king the company found that his public statements were conflicting with the values of the Intel company and therefore they no longer intend to donate in his campaigns and support him in any way.

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    Other corporate donors which include names like AT&T and Tyson Foods are now being compelled to follow the footsteps of the other organizations and withdraw their support from the congressman’s political campaign.

    Purina had made a donation of $500, Intel had contributed $2,000 and Land O’ Lakes had supported the Republican by donating $2,500.

    The Congressman had tweeted this Tuesday that the nasty and desperate fake news have orchestrated the attacks with the ultimate goal to impeach President Donald Trump, and it was this statement of his which acted against him.

    Source: NBCnews, LawBreakingNews

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