Have you every seen a dog reaction after seeing snow? While most of us who like to hide in warm blankets inside our home, dogs on the other hand love snow. The body temperation of dog is high which makes them uncomfortable in summer. But as soon as winters are here, and the temperature starts to fall down, they enjoy it and have better naps. Today, we bring you some first time receation of puppers seeing snow.

Scroll down and see whether your dog has ever given you a similar reaction.

1. Definitely not a snow dog…

2. Lets play hide n seek in the snow

3. Trying to get a snowflake

4. ‘Do you really expect us to have fun here, hooman?’

5. Groom’s solo photoshoots be like..

6. ‘Pweasee just a little longer? Waited all year for this’

7. This is what true happiness looks like!

8. ‘What is this ‘cold’ you speak of?’

9. And look at this excited puppa!

10. Sleeping arrangements.

11. ‘Yes you can leave, imma stay here.’

12. So….tired….of…playing..in…the..snow…

13. ‘But I wanna build a snow man…’

14. Sexy and I snow it.

15. Play fetch in the snow they said, it will be fun they said..