Giving birth to your kids and being a parent is a very difficult job. It turns your life upside down. Once you made the decision to bear a child, there’s no turning back. But the joy of becoming parents is totally different. Watching your kids grow up is worth the effort.

It’s not just humans who feel so much for their kids. Dogs feel the same. After the puppies are born, the parents have a lot of mixed emotions. But the bottom line is that they are proud of their kids. They shower their pups with love. If you ever saw a dog family posing for a picture, then you can understand the feeling. It’s the most wholesome thing ever.

For the ones who are still unknown with the overwhelming feeling, we have some pictures of dog parents posing with their little ones. Not to mention they look super proud of their pups. Also, in the end, you might want to scream with joy because you won’t be able to take in their cuteness.

#1 Selfie time with my pups

#2 A big happy family 

#3 She gave birth to these adorable puppies. Look how proud she is.

#4 Get someone who looks at you just like this mother is looking at her pup.

#5 How can such small parents have so many babies?

#6 “Look what we made!!”

#7 World’s largest pitbull with its babies

#8 Oh god they are so tiny! My heart is melting.

#9 Proud Mama Bernese Mountain Dog

#10 “Hon, I think this basket belongs to our babies. Get off!”

#11 The mommy’s teethies are showing while smiling. Aww.

#12 As compared to them, human parents are less enthused about their newborns.

#13 I love how they’ve been given unique collars.

#14 Proud parents with well-behaved pups.

#15 Such a bright smile.

#16 I Was Taking A Photo Of A Litter Of One Week Old Puppies When I Got Photobombed By My Other Dog

#17 Even I never had such a beautiful family photo.

#18 Like mother like babies

#19 Say hello to my beloved creations

#20 this is what heaven looks like

#21 101 Dalamtians

#22 I made these. Can you believe it? Me neither.

#23 I and Mr. Wrinkles made all these little Wrinkles.

#24 My Golden Retriever And Her 3 Day Old Puppies

#25 Spooning with the little ones.

#26 18 newborn puppies. Whaaaaatt??