We all know that things can get a glitch. Like it happened back with Instagram when Jennifer Aniston had joined this platform last year. But do you know that real-life glitches are also happening? And it is happening pretty quickly. 

If you haven’t seen any real-life glitch, you are in luck because we have got not one but 33 adorable doggo pictures that are proving this thing right. Either it was the perfect moment or the dogs are less photogenic but the pictures surely proved that dogs glitch. 

But hey, don’t say anything to them. They are super cute and whatever they do, we always love them. If you want to see the glitched yet adorable pictures of furry angels, keep scrolling. 

Say Cheese!


So you mentioned dinner?

He’s just brushing up on his technique

If I sit like a human maybe they’ll feed me like a human

I’m alwaaayyysss watching

Watch me do the wiggle walk!

When something touches your foot underwater

I told you I was hungry!

And here we have a giraffe in dog form

And here we have a giraffe in dog form

I have seen the light

Just reminding you I’m here


When you find out you’re being desexed on Monday

Is that a cat?


I’m sleeping go away


This gives a new meaning to ‘swimming with the fishes’


Smooshed nose

Praise the beanbag

This is what happens when your dog tries to imitate a T-Rex