‘If your partner doesn’t respect your boundaries, leave them, period’

Have you ever thought about how much your partner respects your boundaries? Or how much they really care about your likes and dislikes? You might be wondering why we are asking you this today? 

Well, the thing is we have come across a story where a boyfriend tricks his progressive Muslim girlfriend into eating pork. That’s disgusting! On top of that, the guy told her that she is overreacting as it was just a prank. Sounds fake? Unfortunately, it’s true. 

She then came to the AITA community to get their word of wisdom. Scroll down to find the full story. 

A Redditor, who is a progressive Muslim, shared how his partner tricked him into eating pork

Here’s how people have been reacting to the story. Most supported the original poster and said it was all right for him to be mad

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