Prison Break season 6 returns

Prison Break season 6 has started filming already after the long hiatus. Due to the merger between Fox and Disney, filming of the next installment had been delayed.


This had fans of the show worried for future, but after the merger was finalized in March this year, filming started, and now we are hopeful that we will soon see Michael and Lincoln back.

Paul remains silent on Prison Break season 6

Prison Break Season 6 spoilersSeries creator Paul Scheuring has maintained his silence regarding this season. Speculations and rumors regarding this season have been floating for a long time now but since there has been no update from the channel or the creator himself, all we can do is speculate from the hints provided by Paul.

One of the fan theories suggests that season 6 will be focused on Michael’s alignment with the CIA. This is because of the fact that the season finale of the fifth installment of Prison Break hinted heavily at this fact.

The series creator has also previously said that they are looking forward to reinventing the show without straying too far away from its original theme. It is highly likely that Michael will go back to prison in order to break someone out due to his deal with the CIA.

What’s next for Michael in Prison Break season 6?

Prison Break season 6

If the series takes a turn towards this direction, fans can hope to see the return of William Fichtner as-as Mahone. This is because of the fact that in the show he is a good friend of Michael and a former agent. Therefore it would make sense for him to be Michael’s connection to the CIA.

However, since we have no concrete information regarding the plot, we will have to wait and see what happens next in Prison Break season 6.