The earlier events that had happened in Europe triggered the sense of being vigilant and tactically strong. The strategy was to have eyes and ears everywhere so as any issues or disturbances can directly be stopped.

The increased extent of security was present around the Beverly Hilton Hotel — the precinct for the star-studded ceremony on Sunday night— by stating that the days of parking on the street, walking up and getting in can be long gone. They report that “The City of Beverly Hills crashed to allow crowds in the vicinity of the building. ”

Each and every corner of the Beverly Hilton was security swiped so as to minimize any error in security.
A member of law enforcement screens behind a hedge on the red carpet. Credits: Jordan Strauss

Keith Sterling, manager of public information for Beverly Hills, stated that federal agencies would also be involved in safety. Sterling said that he and his team is not allowed to discuss about the specific plans in relation to the security.

The enforcement people doing a security sweep at the Red Carpet on the Golden Globe at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.
Law enforcement officers do a security sweep at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Credits : Jordan Strauss

But in a whole it would be the best efforts that the federal and state agencies to provide security in the area. Beverly Hills Police Department would be given as many people they need for managing the event.

A bomb-sniffing dog were employed during a security sweep at Golden Globe Awards.
Dog sniffing deployed for securing the event as an action plan. Credits : Jordan Strauss

After the better guys handling guns keep the upper crust of Hollywood safe in the venue at Beverly Hilton, the celebs can go home and rise up on Monday to push for more gun control.

The Security Over-view

The security plan in action included the federal agents, bomb-sniffing dogs, the state police agency with their equipment, an IT team to cover the venue with their CCTV, the Beverly Hills Police Department agents as well as other local teams that may provide helping hand.

Source: Breitbert, Western Journal, Guns Freedom and CBC News

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