Powers season 6 release date episode 1

Season 5 of Power concluded with a surprising and huge cliffhanger. The fans are still clueless about the fate of the lead character. Many fans are speculating that the series will return for another season later this year.

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Power season 6 to be last of the series

But the sixth season could be the final installment of the show. So the fans can expect all the loose ends to be wrapped up by the end of it. The plot of the show will be quite similar with a few changes. The executive producer of the show Gary Lennon is now the showrunner. The creator and main showrunner of the show Courtney Kemp revealed in an interview that she was truly excited to announce that Gary would be the co-showrunner for the finale season.

Power season 6 release date
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We also have other details about the upcoming season of the crime drama series. Power season 6 will premiere five days before it is released on TV. 50 Cent will be performing during the event, which will be organized at the Madison Square Garden.

The premiere is up for public viewing with a prior requirement of RSVP for the event. The details of the public event have not been revealed yet and will only be reported before opening the RSVPs.

What to expect from Season 6?

Power season 6 release date
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The upcoming installment will pick up from the conclusion of the previous season. Previously we saw that Kanan died in an encounter with the cop. Ghost was terrified to see Tommy shoot Angela.

It has been confirmed that Kanan won’t return, but the same may not be true for Angela. Things will get more intense and exciting in the upcoming season. Power season 6 is set to release on 25 August on Starz. The premiere event will be organized on 20 August.