Katie Hopkins

Katie Hopkins, a British right-wing political commentator, and a columnist, has been banned from Twitter after her posts breached the ‘hateful policy’ of Twitter.

Hopkins complained when the blue tick from her account was removed. Hours after her complaint Twitter permanently suspended her account. This is not the first time that her posts were given a warning by a blogging site.

Twitter Spokesperson on Katie Hopkins

A Twitter spokesperson wrote: “Keeping Twitter safe is a top priority for us. Abuse and hateful conduct have no place on our service and we will continue to take action when our rules are broken. “In this case, the account has been permanently suspended for violations of our hateful conduct policy.”

In 2015, Katie Hopkins faced severe repercussions when she compared refugees to cockroaches.

Further, in 2017, she was fired from her job at a radio station because she demanded action against Muslims following the Manchester terror attack.

In 2016, MailOnline, who employed Hopkins, paid  £150,000 to a family she accused of extremism.

Katie Hopkins

Hopkins criticized Marcus Rashford

Recently, Katie Hopkins criticized the efforts of footballer Marcus Rashford. He asked the government not to drop free school meals for children belonging to low-income families. Hopkins tweeted, “Dear @MarcusRashford, do you think women should think about how they are going to feed a child before they decide to have it? I do not want to pay to feed other people’s kids. You are welcome to.”

Her endless criticism and offensive views have always caused her trouble. But it’s evident that she didn’t learn from her past mistakes.

Due to her similar offensive comments, her account was locked in January. Twitter commented: “Keeping Twitter safe is a top priority for us – abuse and harassment have no place on the service.”

Donald Trump has retweeted her a lot of times. Even Twitter flagged him regarding his posts that it might be on the verge of breaching the policies.

75,000 people signed a petition to remove Hopkins from the social media platform on Change.org.