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Pollen Count warning: Huge risk for patients of Hay fever

Pollen Count warning: Are you at risk?

Pollen Count is imposing risk. Patients of Hay fever are the ones who are at utmost risk. This is because of unwanted allergy. The common signs of an allergy are sneezing and running rose. Learn which places are the most prone to allergy. This is because of the high pollen count.


Pollen Count warning: Places at risk

Eastern Bank Holiday has warm weather. It will trigger the pollen counts. Therefore, the United Kingdom will be highly affected.

About 20 percent of the United Kingdom suffers from Hay Fever. Therefore, this rise in the count of pollen will lead to lots of runny noses. Moreover, watering of eyes will also be caused. This will also be caused because of an allergy.

According to predictions, the entire UK is at high risk. This is specifically on Easter Sunday. The information is according to Met Office. This is after the warnings raised to the public. The warnings were related to a nation-wide “pollen bomb.”

Pollen Count warning: Are you at risk?
Pollen Count warning: Are you at risk?
Source: Medical News Today

This bomb is spreading across the entire UK. It will happen on this Holiday weekend.

Because of this, every part of the United Kingdom will have a huge concentration of pollen. This is according to the forecast of the Met Office.

However, northeast Scotland will have medium levels. This is according to the forecast. Moreover, there will be low levels of pollen in the Orkney and Shetland Islands.

Why is there an increase?

At this time of the year, this pollen count comes greatly from trees. This is according to the report of Met Office. Therefore, pollen from trees affects hay patients as of now.

Pollen Count warning: Are you at risk?
How to cure Hay Fever?
Source: Compound Interest

However, warmer temperatures increase the count of pollen. This, therefore, causes increased hay symptoms.

The weekend is forecasted to have high temperatures. Therefore, it will cause an increase in the pollen count. Thus there will be problems of allergic rhinitis.

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