The fire that led to the death of 5 teenagers!

Reportedly an inadequate heating system appears to have caused a massive fire at one of the houses in the northern region of Poland where five of the teenage girls have died as they were locked inside a recreational escape room which was installed in a rented dwelling according to the investigators on the previous week’s Saturday.

Five teenage girls burned to death due to fire
Source: The Independent

Some of the firefighters from the city of Koszalin had reportedly found the bodies of the five, aged 15 years victims on Friday once the fire was extinguished in a room which rests adjacent to the room where the victim reportedly entered when they were celebrating a birthday for their follow girlfriend.

Causes of the deaths

Inadequate safety standards led to the death of five teenage girls
SourceL DW

The Autopsies have shown that the girls have died due to asphyxiation of carbon monoxide, as reported by the prosecutors. Asphyxiation is the technical term which is used when a person dies of inhaling smoke. There was another human being who was also a victim of the mishap, and he is 26 years of age and an employee present in the same location.

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Why couldn’t those girls get out of the room?

In the games related to escape rooms, the players are usually locked inside a building, or even a room and they are going to have to solve the puzzles and find clues which furthermore leads them to the key that holds power to unlock the locked door. This activity or game is often regarded as quite an intellectual challenger, and this game is very much popular among the teenagers in Poland.

Ryszard Gąsiorowski, a Koszalin prosecutor, has said that there is a leak in the heating system which was comprised of the bottled gas and probably this was the cause of the fire.

The firefighters had blamed the defective electric wiring as well as a substandard security procedure which led to the start of the fire that killed five teenage girls. Gasiorowski has said that according to the preliminary findings the fire was allegedly caused by a gas that was present inside a heater, but it was not sealed.

What happened?

A photo of fire burning down an escape room in the city of Koszalin
Source: Fox5DC

The fire had broken out in a part of the detached house which was being used as a reception room for one of the venues of entertainment, this, in turn, has blocked the way of the employee who was trying to get to the girls.

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Other witnessed as well as the firefighters were also questioned, but the investigators couldn’t interview the injured employee as he was severely injured due to fire.

Leszek Suski, the chief of national firefighters, has revealed on Saturday that there has been an evidence that the venue was extremely negligent which includes the makeshift electrical wiring extremely close to- the flammable materials along with an absence to the proper route of evacuation.

Suski also mentions that as the security of the place was not ensured, tragedy was inflicted upon the young souls.

Source: CNN, Fox32 Chicago