Pokemon Sword and Shield

Pokemon tournaments are infamous for their slow and stale playstyle. However, the new Pokemon title, Pokemon Sword and Shield are touted to change this.

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Pokemon Sword and Shield are the latest titles of the monster collecting Role-Playing Series. The game also introduces us to Generation 8.

Like every other title, you will play as a Pokemon trainer on an adventure in the Galgar region facing many wild Pokemon and their trainers.

Pokemon Sword and Shield

From the trailers and videos, it is evident that the Pokemon Sword and Shield gameplay is traditional that many of us have grown with. The game includes all new Pokemon, new gym battles and new cities.

Generation 8 is set in a never seen Galar region which is inspired from the map of England. According to the developers, the map is full of idyllic countryside and modern cities with huge plains and vast mountain ranges.

We don’t have a lot of detail to know the difference between the two versions. You can expect that each version will have some exclusive Pokemon under its belt.

Starters in Pokemon Sword and Shield

The developers have clearly mentioned all three started Pokemon that are available for the players. The image presents Grookey (a chimp pokemon), Scorbunny ( a rabbit pokemon) and Sobble (a water lizard  pokemon)


The trailer of the game has also hinted toward possible inclusion of Generation 2 and Generation 3 Pokemon like Flygon, Wailmer, Hoothoot, Tyranitar and many more. The trailer also showcases a random scene of Pikachu.

Can it save Pokemon tournaments?

Many players and people familiar with Pokemon competitive scene have voiced their opinion about the upcoming title.

According to Markus Stadter, this title could improve many problems of the older titles. Many players have also requested new tools and mechanics to be implemented in the gameplay.