Pokemon game for mobile

The Pokemon Company announced a new game at their wide-ranging Pokemon 2019 conference.

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New Pokemon games for mobile announced

Pokemon Masters is a mobile game that is developed by DeNA who has developed games like Super Mario Run, Mario Kart Tour, and other Nintendo games.

DeNA will develop this in partnership with The Pokemon Company and Nintendo.

Pokemon Masters will allow players to battle as one of their favorite of Pokemon Trainers from the famous main series of this Role Playing Game franchise. According to The Pokemon Company, the game is casual, but it would provide a unique gaming experience.

From the images, it is clear that Ash, alongside his friend Pikachu, is in the game.

Ken Sugimori of Game Freak came up with the idea of Pokemon Masters. He told Gamespot that he thought that it would be cool to see a game with all the Pokemon trainers from the past and the future.

Pokemon Masters Release Date

Even though the exact release date of Pokemon Masters is not known, the game is expected to hit the app stores in this year only. Pokemon company said that they would reveal more info in June.

The game will be available for downloads on Android and iOS devices.

It was revealed that a new Detective Pikachu game is in the works for the Nintendo Switch. Detective Pikachu will conclude the storyline that began on the original 3DS game.

Pokemon Sleep

The Pokemon Company also unveiled the Pokemon Sleep. Pokemon Sleep twill tack your sleeping patterns, and it will help you wake up in the morning. The Pokemon Company also unveiled a new cloud-based service called Pokemon Home. This service would allow players to trade with other players using their mobile phones.