A plus-size model responded to the people who said that her stomach looked “ugly” and “like a butt” in a pair of green faux leather pants.

US fashionista Stella Williams posted a TikTok video in which she talked about why Khloe Kardashian didn’t call her back for the “Good American” casting call.

There were a lot of mean comments about her “apple” body shape in the video. One person wrote:

Ummm [the] pants are not very flattering


If I stopped and thought about [what] was ‘flattering’ to the world each time I got dresses, I’d be miserable. Y’all hate I’m happy,

Stella wrote a follow-up video that’s now been viewed more than 15 million times.

In the comments, some people asked about how comfortable the pants were.

I used to have a stomach like that, those pants cannot feel comfortable,

one person wrote.

I think the pants just need a Spanx because I love the colours and lines,

another added.

But Stella said she’s “happy” in her own skin and later said that her first video made Fashion Nova pants sell out.

So if you’ve been influenced, sorry,

she said.

Stella has been modeling for seven years, and she always stands up for herself and her body.

Even though she was teased, Nike ads have used her curves, which Stella calls a “huge win” for the plus-size community.

Thousands of people have also shown their support and told her how happy they are for her huge success.

Thank you for being brave, it helps so much to shine a light on beauty in all ways. You shine and I love it,

one woman commented.

Another supporter said:

Congratulations, you’re such a beautiful and necessary person in this world. I truly wish you the stars and beyond. May your days be forever blessed.


You are gorgeous and I absolutely love how confident you are in being 100 per cent you!!

a third said.