Several PS4 owners across social media and Reddit are seeing the warning about a message which contains a twine of characters which can cause the gaming console to seize up and crash, reportedly. In some of the other cases, the gaming console gets all mixed up entirely from this glitch, and in order to get the console working again, the users perform a factory resets which is located on the console drive to make the console work again in its usual way.

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Bugs such as these are often seen on mobile platforms. When it comes to mobile platforms, a specific message or strange characters can easily unleash chaos which leads to unstable behavior. According to the reports, The Japanese Entertainment Corp. is going to act quickly and roll out a new system firmware update which can eliminate the issue. Sony is famous for send updates that improve the system performance as well as the stability of the console.


There are specific steps that are needed to be followed until this problem is fixed permanently. Sony has released some vital steps that will allow the PlayStation users to protect their gaming console against receiving the messages from strangers as well as the multiplayer opponents.

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One of the steps to protect the gaming console is that the users can delete the buggy messages from Sony’s PlayStation Messages app for iOS and Android rather than opening these messages on the console.


According to the reports, deleting the mistrusted messages with the messaging app for smartphones before switching the console and signing into the PlayStation Network is more than enough to avoid the crashing issue.

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Users can also rebuild the database by booting the console in safe mode. Once rebuilding the database is completed, the drive will be scanned and a new database of content will be installed on the Operating System. This rebuilding option can help the PS4 users to fix the issues related to the dropping of frame rates and freezing of games.


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