Here’s something to add to your “OMG-Is-THAT-True?” list. We have heard of people being raped, valuables being stolen, drugs being smuggled etc. But some people from China and Korea are smuggling plants.!

And they are doing so for their housewives back in Korea and China could use them on windowsills as status symbols. Some California coastal habitats and ocean facing cliffs are being raped and pillaged so that they can be smuggled to Asia, where they will be used as a status symbol. Good news is that the poachers have been arrested.

Source- Patrick Freeling

This arrest has exposed a total underworld of unscrupulous Asian poachers who are rappelling down succulents of the genes Dudleya and sending them way back to their lands.

A deep research into their history revealed an even darker side of the picture. Evidently, there’s a total network of buyers, sellers, and dealers who are also targetting carnivorous and other plants species all over the world.