How many of you love a nice steak? I guess everyone except the veggies. How about if someone prints that out for you? We are not joking. Novameat, a Spanish startup is about to 3-D print steak for you. The steak will be prepared from a paste which will constitute rice, peas, and seaweed.

Novameat founder, Giuseppe Scionti had an interview with Digital Trends where he discussed this idea. He said that during his days as an assistant professor in Barcelona, he printed a beefsteak. He continued saying that Barcelona is a great hub for world-class restaurants and not to forget for best 3D printing companies.

Source- 3Ders

Giuseppe Scionti was working to bring in a meat-free beefsteak with such ingredients which are easily cultivated in agriculture. He said that his focus on plant-based beefsteak is three folds. There will be no animal slaughter, no cholesterol issues, and fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

All the ingredients combined are converted into a special paste and then converted into the final steak. This conversion takes place at the rate of a quarter pound every hour.

The product will be out in the market in the next three to five years.

Source- Digital Trends