Mama Pitbull Rescued After Neighbours Try Numerous Times

Amidst a storm in South California, the Hope for Paws team received a call to save a mama Pitbull and her puppies. When the rescue team reached at the spot, they made their way to a huddled thicket den, when they saw the puppies and mother shivering because of the weather. Before trying to reach the pups, the team wanted to win the trust of mam pitbull.

Trusting One Bite At A Time

The Hope for Paws team gave her food, communicating with her and pet her to gain her trust. The mama pitbull slowly and gradually allow the team to rescue her eight puppies. As the team pulled out one puppy at a time, the mama Pitbull licked and kissed her puppies. She was happy that all of them were safe.

Happy and Healthy

Once all the puppies and the mother were moved out safely, they were taken to a vet clinic. All of them are healthy and are currently fostering. They will soon be available for adoption by The Little Red Dog

Watch the video here: