Many well-known Democrats, former President Barack Obama, actor Robert De Niro, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr and CNN offices have been sent Pipe Bombs. This unprecedented action has set off intense investigations on last Wednesday.

Cities across America, from Washington to New York and Florida to Los Angeles the authorities have accosted a large number of envelopes containing crudely built devices looking like materials of pipe bombs. Then the next stinging information came that one more similar package has been sent to Robert De Niro, the actor and film producer of Hollywood.

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There have been at least minimum ten such packets delivered since last Monday to well known figures in the USA. Packets arrived at Tribeca at Lower Manhattan where De Niro’s film production company is situated. It also houses his restaurant. These packages were similar to those packets discovered earlier.

The Time Warner Center, which contains a beautiful office and a shopping mall, were both cleared of people due to the warnings of the pipe bombs last Wednesday. Similar bombs were sent to the offices of the CNN and were addressed to John O. Brennan. John is a critic of President Donald Trump who had earlier served as CIA director under Barack Obama.

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These crude devices haven’t harmed anyone. But no one has been able to  testify whether they could have harmed anyone or they were just  hoax materials only to threaten these dignitaries of dire consequences. The FBI which has been investigating has given a statement saying that the devices were similar to the one found at billionaire George Soros’s home in the outskirts of New York City.

The string of these heart biting discoveries have come less than two weeks before the midterm elections. They have set off alarms across America and started a heated discussion about the political situation traversing the wrong path, a new trend in the USA. All important personalities figuring in these episodes have been under continuous right-wing political attacks, which has been lead by Mr. Donald Trump. Mr. Trump has been very vocal at these people and the major news agencies, calling them anti people. He has also shown an extreme dislike to the CNN.

After these attacks Mr. Trump has called these deeds of attempted bombings and threats to prominent people very despicable. He has sent out a message to one and all to unite for the cause of America. He has sent a strong note to the people behind it that political or any kind of violence has no place in America and will be dealt with iron hands. Later at Wisconsin during a rally he asked all parties, their leaders and people of America at large to come together so that Americans could live in peace and harmony.

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He finally addressed the media and called out to them to stop negative and false reporting that led to the division of hearts between people. He advised them to be responsible for civic unity which would ultimately lead to the end of hostility in the country.

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