Pillsbury Brings In Special “Elf” Cookie This Holiday!


    Holiday season calls for holiday treats. And Pillsbury are in to surprise their customers with their special treats this year.

    This time Pillsbury is all set to add the newish ready-to-bake, Buddy The Elf cookie dough. And as you can guess, it is inspired by one of the best Christmas movie, “Elf.”

    Source- New Line Cinema

    The special package of this cookie dough comes with 24 individual sugar cookie. Each cookie is crafted from the traditional ready-to-bake dough. The “L” in the Elf is the actual pictorial representation of the Elf movie. The traditional Elf hat with the iconic green and yellow colors.

    As soon as the news hit the social media, a lot of customers at their local Walmart and Target stores found the same and were elated with joy. Pillsbury is also bringing in snowman, reindeer and Christmas tree cookies this holiday.

    A few fans seem to think that this is because of a request made by a fan last year to bring in elf baked cookies.

    Source- This is Insider

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