There are many failed attempts that people do for excelling in Photoshop. It is not easy to become a master, but this guy named James Fridman is a real wizard in altering images. His hilarious ways of trolling people have made him popular on the Internet. People ask him for altering their images and his reply to this is super savage.
He is back with a bunch of new images and 100% with a bang. Scroll down to check these images and leave your comments below.

1. The man in the back

Sure enough, this request was not sent by the dog, but you know exactly what Fridman did here, and we love it!

2. The orb ball

This is surely what she wanted, but the results are great.

3. The boys

Outside of the open is what they expected, but the results suit the request the boys made.

4. The golf game

A savage photoshop result. But this could be the condition if the man with the golf swig it.

5. The realistic bear

6. The fountain

7. The fix

8. The cool place

9. The pole

10. The tree

11. The hole

12. The bowtie

13. The ducks

14. The setup

15. The other man

16. The odd request

17. The people

18. The view

19. The buckle

20. The tall person

21. The more leaves, the better

22. The savage tattoo

23. The strange request

24. The face

25. The tower

26. The museum

27. The birthmark

James did not even touch the image. He wanted this user to feel confident in his skin.

28. The reflection