Alright so here we are again with some of the cutest pictures of dogs. But this time we have something special for you. To fill your day with love and laughter, we have found hilarious and adorable pictures of Australian Shepherd. 

But before you check out their pictures, let us tell you a few things about them that will blow your mind. Ok so yes, Australian Shepherd is a family dog. This dog breed was originated in the Basque region between France and Spain. Now, the reason the breed got this name is that there were many shepherds that came to Basque from Australian descent. Thus, Australian Shepherds got this name.

Because of its great and amazing hunting abilities, this dog breed is liked mostly by American farmers and cowboys. Even though Australian Shepherds are super intelligent, they will never fail to entertain you with their shenanigans.

And to show how clingy and cute this dog can be, we have collected a few pictures. Scroll down to check ‘em out. 

#1 My Dog, Zion, An Australian Shepherd, Was Showing Off His Little Rain Dance In My Garden

#2 I Came Home From Vacation Yesterday, And My Dog Hasn’t Left Me Alone Since

#3 Here’s My Doggo Izzie Holding Her Teddy

#4 Here’s My Boy Ripley And His Flock

#5 Before And After I Sign Good Boy To My Deaf Dog

#6 Puppy Doesn’t Want To Get Out Of Bed

#7 I Work As A Dog Groomer. This Pup Is Amazing

#8 This Is Toby. A Cat Got His Tongue

#9 Three Months Later. The Face When Your Baby Brother Outgrows You

#10 I Found A Stick

#11 Brother From Another Mother

#11 Brother From Another Mother

#13 My Girlfriend Made Me Go With Her To The Flower Shop. Wasn’t Thrilled Until This Dude Showed Up And Sat In Front Of Me

#14 My Dog Is Horrified That It’s Her Birthday

#15 The Greatest Dog Ever Came Into My Work Today. Kodak The Australian Shepard

#16 My Dog Out-Cools Me At Every Opportunity

#17 This Is The Best Photo I’ve Ever Taken… It’s All Downhill From Here Folk

#18 A Majestic Beast

#19 Meet Indy He’s My 8 Week Mini Aussie Shepherd. He Finally Sat Still For A Second And I Got This Pic

#20 Waiting To Surprise My SO With This Little Nugget When She Gets Home From Work

#21 We Found Some Kitties Emerging From Under The Shed During A Tornado Warning. Our Five-Month-Old Aussie Seems To Have Adopted Them. I Give You Abby And The Catbabies

#22 Beauty Shot!

#23 Was Trying To Sneak A Photo When This Pretty Girl Suddenly Turned Around And Flashed Me This Big Smile

#24 After 26 Years Of Waiting… I Finally Got My First Dog! This Is Bolt!

#25 Peek – A – Boo

#26 How My Dog Has Changed In Last 2+ Years

#27 Little Mo

#28 Running Up To Chomp A Flower

#29 This Australian Cattle Dog Puppy Is Perfectly Camouflaged!

#30 First Taste Of Peanut Butter… Aaaand He’s Addicted

#31 I Think I Have A New Favourite Picture Of My Dog: Bolt! It’s Just So Majestic

#32 Sleep In Heavenly Peace

#33 Took My Aussie For A Walk Today! Got This Shot Of Her As I Was About To Throw Her Ball

#34 First Day With My Pupper. Meet Skye, The Mini Aussie!

#35 Ahhhh…. Nap Time!