From the very first day you bring home a puppy, you know that they are going to grow old with you. For a dog, 15 to 20 years is the maximum living age. They might not be with you at your end, but you certainly have to be at theirs. With all the heart and loyalty, they become a part of your family and stick to you no matter what. As much as you love a new puppy in your life, you need to love a senior dog ten times more. People shared images of their senior dogs, and we can’t believe that they are so adorable. So, start your day with a bunch of senior dog images and spread love to all dogs around you.

#1 I Think She Likes Me

#2 15 Years Together

#3 This Is Her “Retirement”

#4 She’s Too Old To Go On Walks The Old Fashioned Way

#5 A Second Chance

#6 A 14-Year-Old Lab With Vitiligo

#7 Color May Fade, But Love Doesn’t

#8 18 Today

#9 17 Years Young

#10 Look At That Face

#11 Her Smile Hasn’t Changed

#12 Meet Shadow

#13 This Is Maggie. She Always Brings You A Leaf. You Can’t Have The Leaf, She Just Wants You To Be Proud

#14 Happy Old Dude

#15 So Peaceful

#16 Everyone Meet My New Best Friend

#17 The Bus Driver’s Doggo

#18 12-Year-Old Pup

#19 Old Man Relaxing

#20 15-Year-Old Smile

#21 He’s 19 Years Old And He’s A Good Boy

#22 Maxwell = Adorable

#23 New Meets Old

#24 He’s 15 Years Old And Has A Slight Weight Problem

#25 My Friend’s 11 Year Old Husky Looks Like She’s A Puppy

#26 This Boy Just Turned 15

#27 I Saw This Pomeranian At A 4th Of July BBQ And Screamed “Puppy!” The Owner Corrected Me And Told Me He’s 17 Years Old! His Name Is Buddy

#28 13 Year Old Handsome Man

#29 My Best Friend’s First And Most Likely Last Camping Trip

#30 Libby, 13 Years Apart