Hello people! My name is Jess Bell and I’m a Canadian photographer. I’m into animal photography and I have a flair to capture artistic and unique pictures. I try to use different elements to make each of my photography projects better and memorable. 

For my recent project, I have used power paint and called some of my friends who have dogs. What I wanted to do was create dynamic and colorful doggo pictures that look extremely attractive. And that’s exactly what I did. 

I powdered some paint on the cute doggos with an attempt to experiment with this new technique. Surprisingly, the results came out pretty amazing. Since the dynamic swirls and color explosion was captured in real-time and on location, the pictures look so surreal. Each of the images is different and unique. It clearly shows the difference between each dog breed and how their body shapes move. I can say that the power paint acts as a perfect action amplification device. 

For the colors, I try to understand each dog’s personality and appearance. I thought which kind of color would match their nature and fur, of course! 

Although these images are so crisp and amazing, they also highlight one more thing and that is beyond creativity. It’s how much hard work our furry friends do just for us. 

This and other color series works are inspired by photographer Andrea Zachrau Photography. You can scroll down to see the amazing pictures that I’m talking about.

#1 Rush | Border Collie

#2 Gemma And Lyric | Mix & Coolie

#3 Nyero | Mudi

#4 Lottie | Border Collie

#5 Style | Border Collie

#6 Slice | Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

 #7 True | Australian Shepherd

#8 Lyric | German Coolie

#9 Tenacity | Mudi

#10 Gnash | Malinois

#11 Cohen | Australian Shepherd

#12 Gemma | Mix

#13 Lottie | Border Collie