Pitbulls are considered to be very aggressive dogs. Many people fear to keep them in a domestic set up because they might just rip a person into pieces. Well, all this is a big lie. Although they fall into the breed of dogs that are known for their instincts of sensing danger and reacting in a certain way. But to say, they are dangerous and can cause harm is just overexaggerating. We simply love Pitbulls and think they are equally loving and loyal to their masters. Well, these photographs show you a whole new side of Pitbulls. So, without further talking, let’s jump to these amazing photographer of adorable pitbulls.

A holiday is the perfect example of how cheerful and adorable Pit Bulls really are!

Meet blossom, a doggo blossoming with pretty flowers!

Say hello to Murdock. The boy who totally owned that flower crown!

Those sad eyes on Aria are breaking our heart! This portrait is heartbreakingly beautiful!

Frida looks like an absolute queen in this extravagant crown!

How can people hate doggos like Walter! Such a precious baby he is!

The most precious toothless smile we have ever seen! Happy dogs are such a pleasant sight!

As we look at the images, we see that they are beautiful, dreamy, and serene— So, we asked Sophie how did she manage to achieve this tranquillity in her portraits?

“During a shoot, I try to level with my models and meet them where they are. It’s a dance, a language. I find it hard to explain. I think they trust me. Or at least, they are intrigued by me. I am drawn to that kind of portraiture, moody, sometimes sad. People will comment, “Oh this dog looks so sad!” But I think it’s my approach and personal affinity that they see in the portraits. Although sometimes, of course, some of my models are heartbreaking, scared, shut down. You can see they have sort of given up. I have photographed about 500 dogs for Pit Bull Flower Power. I have met many different personalities!”

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Black Pearl is definitely a model!

Adam is an example that all Pit Bulls are innocent and lovable and sweet!

Since beginning this project, have you seen the stigma surrounding pit bulls change? How so?

The only reference I have is my own world, of course, my social media, people around me, shelter staff. I know that Flower Power has changed the mind of many because I receive lots of messages about that. People will tell me my work has opened their eyes, that they fostered or adopted a pit bull for the first time, or that they don’t feel like switching sidewalks anymore when they meet a pit bull in the street. What I love most about this project, is that it inspire compassion. It goes beyond shelter dogs or pit bulls. It’s about the way we view the world and finding spirit in all beings.

Those flowers really compliment Rum’s snow-white complexion

Zeus is such a king! He truly deserves that flower crown!

In addition to the Kickstarter, what are other ways for people to support you and your flower power?

People can follow my social media, in particularly my Instagram. They can share the work, bringing awareness to shelter pit bulls and promoting adoption. They can purchase fine-art prints and merchandise throughout the year. I operate like a non-profit basically (even though I don’t have the legal status, something I am thinking about!). I never charge a cent to shelters for the photoshoots, I cover my own travel expenses, and I don’t get paid either for all the work I do on a daily basis for rescues (posting dogs every day to help them get adopted for example, or fundraising for them). My supporters who purchase my work make all of this possible and I am super grateful.

Sweet-pea is the sweetest lil doggo! We just lost our hearts to this doggo!