Have you ever heard the popular saying “Like owner, like a dog”? Well, this saying is absolutely true and we have got some pictures to prove it. This fun picture series of dogs and owners is created by British photographer Gerrard Gethings. He is a famous photographer and is known for his funny dog portraits. The best thing about the portraits is that they are so full of life and energy.

But for his recent project, Gethings thought of doing something different and unique. That’s why he has paired the owner and dog together to show their similar appearance traits. This picture series is so amazing. All thanks to Gethings’s hard work, talent, skill, and patience that makes each of these pictures different and funnier than others.

Scroll down to check out the pictures. And don’t forget to tell us which one of these pictures you liked the most in the comments section. 

#1 Benji & Harper (Schnoodle)

#2 Sergei & Spike (Siberian Husky)

#3 François & Antoine (French Bulldog)

#4 Harry & Hattie (Italian Spinone)

#5 Henry & Hope (Afghan Hound)

#6 Jessica & Buddy (Bishon Frise)

#7 Cenk & Horst (Schnauzer)

#8 Elle And Yasmin Le Bon (Puli)

#9 Monica & Reggie (Chow Chow)

#10 Charlotte & Caspar (Chinese Crested)