It takes a lot of courage to capture an image of a huge and dangerous animal. But, this Armenian photographer not only showed courage but got extremely close to different species of animals to capture such close-ups if their eyes.

With each picture that we are sharing with you, proves that eyes are certainly the windows to one’s soul. Photographer Suren Manvelyan, went extremely close to tiny and big animals to capture these stunning photographers.

#1 Lama

“I began thinking about this series after I completed a similar one about the human eye,” Manvelyan told us. “After the first project, I had really improved in shooting eyes in any conditions, and eventually settled on the idea to photograph animal eyes.”

#2 Husky Dog

“The eyes of every animal is the result of it adapting to its living conditions. That’s the reason why there are so many eye types. Water animals have completely different eyes than those living on earth, too. I think this is what makes the animal eye series so interesting to the viewer.”

Th photographer did play an interesting game with his followers on Instagram and Twitter. He wanted them to guess the species of the animal the eye belongs to.

#3 Alaskian Malamut 

 However, it requires a lot of courage to be close to an animal. Manvelyan did spend an hour with Ilama to get close enough to capturing the perfect shot. “I would like to stress that all animals included in the series were alive and no animal was hurt in any way during shoots,” the photographer added.

#4 Long-Eared Owl

#5 Horse

#6 Nylus Crocodile

#7 Tokay Gecko

#8 Rockfish Eye

#9 Porcupine Fish

#10 Blue-Yellow Macaw Parrot

#11 Camel

#12 Hippo

#13 Ray

#14 Crane

#15 Chinchilla

#16 Chimpanze

#17 Anolis Lizard

#18 Gecko Eublepharis

#19 Cat

#20 Black Rabbit

#21 Fennec Fox

#22 Blue Crayfish

#23 Discus Fish

#24 Armenian Muflon

#25 Husky Dog

#26 Coral Zebra Fish

#27 Garden Boa, Python

#28 Tiger Python (Non Albino)

#29 Siam Cat

#30 David’s Deer