Reptiles are often underrated and ignored just because people think that they have nothing to offer. But photographer Yan Hidayat from Indonesia has set his mind to explore and prove to people that reptiles can be more chill and fun than other animals and pets. As you scroll down and see these images one by one, you will break all your notions about reptiles and you might start considering them cool and fun animals.

This photo of a lizard basking in the sun took the internet by surprise

Indonesian photographer Yan Hidayat loves “macro and reptile photos because they’re very original”

Yan’s photos are often loved by the press, like this photo of a frog taking a ride with the turtle


He shows that animals love taking free rides whenever an opportunity arises

“Slow ride, take it easy”

This frog using a leaf as an umbrella also caught the eye of many

…Or these reptiles making expressions

Yan also likes to document close encounters with the other kind

But he’s no stranger to solo shots, too