GlaxoSmithKline which is a United Kingdom based pharma stated that it has agreed for acquiring Tesaro. Tesaro is a drug-maker for cancer which treats the ovarian cancer in women. The acquisition will be worth $5.1 billion.

When the stock market opened this Monday, the shares of Tesaro were up by 60 percent. Whereas the share prices of GSK were down by 6 percent. Currently GSK has been striving hard so as to refresh the strategy of the company for research and development.

GSK brought on Hal Barron previous year, who is the previous executive of Genentech and Calico. Barron is now working as the Chief Scientific Officer as well as the President of Research and Development of GSK.

The company also made an investment worth $300 million in the 23andme which is a consumer genetics company as a part of the above.

Source: BusinessInsider

In a press release, Barron stated that the company strongly believes that the PARP inhibitors have been appreciated for the impact they impart to the cancer patients.

Barron also stated that they are optimistic that Zejula. The drug is used for the treatment of ovarian cancer.

It’s in the form of the pill which has to be consumed once each day. The drug is a part of a group of drugs for cancer which are called PARP inhibitors.

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The drug functions by blocking an enzyme that is used by the human body so as to repair the DNA.

Source: BusinessInsider

In certain cancer types of cancer the repair system of the body has broken down which thereby allows the cancerous calls to thrive. Therefore blocking these cells become critical.

Some of the other drugs which act as PARF inhibitors include Rubraca, Lynparza and AstraZeneca.

Therefore Zejula is not the only PARF inhibitor which is available in the market.

Source: BusinessInsider, OneNewsPage