PewDiePie talked about Eurovision 2019 and here’s all he has to say about it. Sweden, Felix’s home country, won the jury’s vote, but couldn’t make it to top five as per the popular vote results. Netherlands won the contest after a dramatic vote count.

The YouTube star PewDiePie took to Twitter for commenting about the Eurovision 2019 performances. The finale was held at the Israeli capital of Tel Aviv. He commented about the performance of each artist separately in the song contest. Most of his comments were highly critical.

Felix Fjellberg was tweeting simultaneously as the performances were going on. His comments immediately went viral and many YouTube users retweeted and shared his posts. John Lundvik got PewDiePie’s support. Being from his home country, the v-logger was partial towards the contest from Sweden. Even though he was highly critical of other contestants, PewDiePie was benign towards Lundvik.

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John Lundvik got the highest jury votes. But finished sixth when it came to the popular votes. PewDiePie’s followers were not happy with his comments. Some of them left his followers in anger and rage. Particularly his joke about Australia left many outrageous. The YouTuber joked that Australia is not even a country. This prompted accusations of discrimination from many.

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The viewers didn’t hesitate to comment back and struck hard at the YouTuber. Maybe he should reconsider all the jokes he made. The users feel that he shouldn’t have made jokes about their country. They feel attacked personally. But not everyone opposed PewDiePie’s take. Some fans even enjoyed PewDiePie’s take on the contest and responded with memes.