Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the cutest of them all? And the mirror replied dogs. Ah! Such a satisfying answer because if dogs aren’t the cutest, nothing else can be. 

Wait, you don’t think so? Well, maybe because you are secretly in love with cats. (Oh, that’s evil). Don’t panic, we aren’t judging you because we also love cats. But dogs, they are super duper adorable and these pictures prove this thing. 

Here’s a fresh hot dog chewing up on a hot dog.

A long dog stretched out on a hot summer day.

It’s important to always look good.

“Hello, there. Boop, boop!”

“It was a bit frosty in our walk but I think she still liked it”

“Hammy in all his glory!”

“This is Harry, my pound puppy. My friend and I went on a hike with our dogs and Harry couldn’t hang so my friend put him in her doggy sling and this is the face I saw staring back at me. His little ears were flopping around and he looked so happy.”

“Instead of destroying her stuffed birds, my dog treats them like they are her babies. She carries them around and grooms them. It’s incredibly sweet. ???”

“Celebrating graduation with a derp!”

Just two happy goofballs.

Look at this innocent face. How can one not melt away at the sight of it?