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Peter Dinklage talks on how Game of Thrones would end for Tyrion Lannister

Peter Dinklage Game of Thrones ending

Game of Thrones is already on its final season, and now only two episodes are left till fans find out what happens to their favorite characters. Having waited for nearly a decade, people are eager to find out who finally sits on the Iron Throne.

Peter Dinklage, who plays the youngest Lannister, Tyrion, recently revealed that he was absolutely correct about how the show will end for his character. Dinklage recently appeared in an interview with an entertainment weekly magazine.


Deductions can drive one insane

In the interview, he said what all of us have been thinking for 10 years now. Dinklage said that as the show has progressed over the years, all of us have made deductions about how it is going to end. He also said that doing this for a decade can drive a person insane because the showrunners refuse to tell the cast anything and they may even change their minds about a certain character.

Sansa and Tyrion Lannister relationship ‘sensitive’

He also said that of all the ideas he had about his character, a slightly different version of one of those ideas is how things work out for Tyrion. Dinklage also commented on his relationship with Sansa, played by Sophie Turner.

He said,

“I love those two characters when they’re together. There’s something so sensitive about their relationship.”

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