PETA ( People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is an animal rights group. This organization works in the favor of animals.

Recently it has started a campaign to spread awareness against clothes that are made of animal skin. PETA has launched an imaginary store named “Urban Outraged”, which is openly hitting out at the famous brand Urban Outfitters and many others who are still using animal leather and fur to make their clothing.

The below pictures show how PETA is taking a satirical turn on Urban Outfitters and similar other brands.

In a press release, the clothing is described as being ‘made of the finest leather — that on second look, reveal human faces on the jackets, human teeth on the shoes, and human blood oozing from the bags.’

To describe the campaign, the Executive Vice President of PETA, Tracy Reiman said: “A cow’s skin belongs to her, and she feels fear and pain in a slaughterhouse every bit as much as you or I would.”

The slogan reads, ” Fashion that dares to ask the question ‘Who are you wearing?”

The store also has imaginary reviews like, “I’m not really a boot person, but I’m glad Meg was, because these are the best boots I’ve ever worn.”

They  wrote ‘Dwayne’ was ‘kicked in the head repeatedly until his face was unrecognizable’ to make one of the bags,

Reiman also told: “PETA’s Urban Outraged challenges shoppers to see the individual behind every bit of animal skin on store racks and shelves.”



The products are not real, it’s just digital designs of what clothes made from human parts might look like.