Sometimes, it feels like pets exist only to make us smile. After all, if pets weren’t around us, how would we stay happy and smile instantly even after a bad day? This thing makes sense, right? Of course, it does. 

Whether it’s a dog or a cat, they are our antidepressants and we love them unconditionally. If you want to kickstart your day with some funny four-legged stories, scroll down to have a look.

Wow! Very technical.

This cattoo cares a lot about its self-improvement.

Sounds like someone who has spent a great deal of time with cats.

The kitty celebrates after every dump. Hysterical.

“Don’t worry hooman, I’ll save you.”

The cat is extremely introvert.

We got a little furry engineer in the house.

That’s one curious cat.

This little fellow is a cat trainer.

Cute kitty kisses are the sweetest.

That sounds like Pokemon.

That’s so sweet.

Well, they are just like our babies after all.

We all have preferences.

Cattoo and its love for fluffed animals.

A little me time is important.

Doggo acting like a granny.

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