The ‘Preachers N Sneakers’ Instagram account, run by Dallas-based Ben Kirb is the perfect page that you need to follow to see religious leaders who act like hypocrites. When they say, you forget about materialistic things, they must also practice what they preach. You all look up to them, but when they wear expensive branded clothes and people like Kirb bring these things up, you realise that you have been living in the dark. So we want you to scroll down and take a look at these images before you come to a conclusion.

#1 Old Pic, Timeless Style With Pastor John Gray In The Supreme X Louis V Jacquard Denim Parka $9,625

#2 Hillsong Teaching Pastor Nathan Finochio Bringing It At #colourconf 2019 In Some Ferociously Fab Tiger Slides. Gucci Slipper $1,100

#3 Mosaic Mexico Pastor Emerson Nowotny Keepin The Tide Pen Handy While Rocking This Super Fresh Supreme X Louis V Tee $1,407

#4 Pastor Mike Todd Staying Anchored In The Balenciaga Triple S $1,090

#5 Prophet Bryan Maldonado Keepin That King Jesus International 501c3 Status Intact In The Royal Blue Lv Runners $1,020

#6 If Retail On The Kicks You’re Wearing Is $2k And The Resale Market Is Paying $8-9k, What Are Your Shoes Worth? Jordan 1 Retro High Dior $8,100

#7 Here Is A Supreme Beach Ball, $125

#8 Pastor Troy Gramling Back At It Again With The Super Breathable Givenchy Hoodie $1,240

#9 Jordan 1 Retro High $4,005

#10 Pastor Maldonado Stayin Ricci In Good Works While Sporting The Primo Belt Of Truth. Stefano Ricci Belt $2,541

#11 Y’all Busting These Out If Your Family Gettin The Inaug? Jordan 1 Retro High Dior $7,210

#12 Pastor John Gray With Relentless Details! Givenchy Sweatshirt $1,145

#13 Flannel But Make It Fashun. Gucci Jacket $2,580

#14 Pastor Furtick With The Fully-Realized Adam-And-Yves Saint Laurent Blessings On Feet $1,095

#15 We’re One Week In And Bishop Td Jakes Has Already Secured The Bag To Secure A Bag. Christian Louboutin Belt Bag $1,250

#16 Pastor Judah (Smith) And The Lion Of All Gucci Jackets. $3,600

#17 The Lord Works In Mysterious Color Combinations. Lv Sweatshirt $725, Air Force 1 Sneakers $1,145

#18 Here’s A Fendi Hoodie $1,290

#19 Transformation Church Pastors Mike Todd And Charles Metcalf Rocking Their Conference-Best At Transformation Conference. Nike Air Fear Of God 1, $1500

#20 Pastor Troy (Gramling) Likes His Tees The Same Way He Likes His Digiorno: Supreme. $1,550

#21 Pastor Jimmy Rollins In The Union Air Jordan 1s And The Crease That Surpasses All Understanding, $1,250

#22 Prophet Passion Java With Those Subtle Gucci Vibes. $1,850

#23 In Honor Of Serena Williams Crushing It In The Us Open Right Now, Here Is Pastor Crank In The Nike X Off White Blazer Serena. $1,050

#24 2020: Year Of The Bargain. Alexander Mcqueen Sneakers, $960

#25 Preachers N Sneakers. Versace Sneakers, $995

#26 Pastor Emerson Nowotny In The Fear Of God Awolnation Colorway. Air Fear Of God 1, $750

#27 Preachers N Sneakers. Amiri Boots, $1,490

#28 Pastor Keion With Some Classic Burberry Blessings. $690

#29 Pastor Rich Dub In The Sean Dub’s. Nike Air Max Sneakers, $1,045

#30 This, Right Here, Is My, Multi-Site Swag Ayye. Burberry Hoodie, $770

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