We have heard multiple times that money can’t buy happiness, but is it actually true? Maybe, it’s not. That’s because when you actually think about it, there are a few things that would have made you happy only if you had money to purchase it. 

Redditor u/TheDeathSummoner posted a question: “What would you like to buy for yourself, but can’t afford it?“. As soon as this question went viral, it received several answers. 

Here are a few of them.


I’m homeless and have been living in a shuttle bus for a year so my prospective might be not be as exciting as others. I’d like to buy shelter. A home or a condo would be great but even an acre of land where I could build a small home. Just some place to call home.


My babies.

Chemo made me infertile at 34 before I had the chance to have a baby.

I have 12 embryos in a testube. Can’t afford to use them.


A future where I can live comfortably. Not rich. Just not having to choose between paying all of rent and electricity or food




A mountain cottage deep in the wilderness. With endless views, forests on its doorstep and a stream nearby. No neighbours for miles, plenty of wildlife and a massive fireplace that is on permanently when the snows arrive.


New teeth.

It’s like….thousands and thousands of dollars to get dental implants. Or anything not dentures. It sucks.




I would love to be out of debt. It would only take 35k

Seriously I would love that more than any single item


30 Things People Would Buy If They Had The Money For It

A divorce.


A really good, actually water-resistant raincoat and/or a pair of rain trousers.

For context, I live in the Netherlands where it rains for maybe 3/4 of the year (this is how it feels,anyway) and as I’m on a bike for much of that, a good raincoat or other rain gear is necessary. But the good ones are pretty expensive so I just end up buying the cheap ones, which wear and tear pretty quick, so I guess in the long run I’m spending more money but I can’t avoid it. It’s like the Vime’s Boots theory but with rain gear.


Operation for my eyes…

I can’t drive and I’m 28…, no one knows but I hate it so much…

The hardest part is to look for a job if you have really bad eyes…

And glasses don’t work well.

I have 60% with my glasses

Life sucks sometimes but we have people that have bigger problems so…


Looking on zillow and seeing housing that’s considered safe, clean, and in a good area starts at 500k and that’s just depressing.


A new lung.


A breast reduction.


I wouldn’t mind owning some members of Congress. Get some laws passed that I want.


An island to live out the remainder of days on. Strolling up and down the beach, sleeping under coconut trees in a hammock, fishing, swimming and generally living a quiet and peaceful life to the end!


A month-long all expenses paid trip to Scandinavia to chase the Northern Lights


A college degree in the United States. Still paying back student loans from 1996.


A house


A place to live. A vehicle. Real privacy. The capacity to make enough money to take a week off ever. Insurance. I know it seems like I am young based off the lack of things. I live on my own, and have for a number of years. I will be married soon. Trying to make a living wage is very difficult.




Always wanted to buy my nans house and my house and make them into 1 (we live next door) but if i won the lottery id buy the street”


An early retirement.


A good office chair. The one I have at my home desk now kills my back, but the good ones are all too much for a student like me.


IVF so I can have a child


A Sprinter van that’s been converted into an RV. I would take that thing camping everywhere.


A hot tub. I’ve got a number of health issues and sitting in the hot water is extremely helpful. I know there are super cheap ones that are inflatable and for like one person, but my dad had one of those and got an electric shock touching the water after having it only a few months, so now I’m afraid of the real cheap ones.


Ticket to Space it’s gettin weird down here


An air conditioner.


A car. A farm. Some animals to keep me company. And a fancy water colouring set. Oh and my dream wardrobe