A few weeks ago, Redditor u/Eseohii posted a question to r/AskReddit, saying “Those who’ve walked out on first dates, what was your ‘I’m out of here’ moment?” and people instantly filled the comment section with crazy characters and surprising stories.

Here are some of them.


Had a first date with a girl who insisted we go to a really expensive place, where she ordered a $25 dollar appetizer, $45 steak and a $15 drink. She wouldn’t put down her phone, kept taking calls and answering texts. The waitress noticed and motioned for me from behind her. I excused myself, and the waitress had separate bills all made up and asked if I wanted to pay my share and leave her at the table. I said, “That would be wonderful!” So I did.


I drove us. Started to parallel park (been working/parking in SF for years by then) and he said, “I’ll park this for you, women don’t do well at parallel parking.” At dinner he was dismissive only to female wait staff.

I ran into these two hilariously drunk surfer dudes on my way from the bathroom, they told me my date was a jerk. We laughed about it and I went back to my table.

When leaving, the drunk dudes were also outside, I said bye to them and Assholio had the nerve to bark, “she’s with me!”

I told him to wait while I got in the car and unlocked the doors..except I didn’t. I drove off and left him standing there. The two drunk dudes whooped and yelled go, lady, go! Such an awesome finish to a terribly embarrassing date.

We got in touch with u/Eseohii and they told us the idea for the post came from a real-life example. “My friend had been on a date but walked out because the guy had researched her whole life and was reading off facts about her to her,” the Redditor told us. “I was curious what other crazy things people have encountered on a date that made them say ‘nope.'”

All these comments under the post only strengthened u/Eseohii’s belief that “even after agreeing to a date you’re not obligated to follow through if it’s not worth your time!”

Even if we disregard the extreme cases, they think it’s not “rude” to abandon your first date. “Life is way too short to keep engaging in things you’re not truly interested in,” the Redditor said.


On a first date with a military guy. He spent a large portion of the date talking about why the strippers in Toronto were better than the strippers where we lived. To change the topic, I asked him if he did any volunteer work with the military overseas and he said “NO! I joined the military to kill people not help people!” I got my bill, chugged my beer, and left as fast as I could.


The fact that within 10 minutes of meeting him he started making sexual comments and “joking” about following me home so he could stalk me if I rejected him.

I got out with the help of a bartender who let me leave out the back door.


Having the usual get to know you conversation over drinks. I was telling how my car was stolen the night before and her response was..”Don’t you just hate blacks?” I never said who stole it….I was out of there…

As more Americans turn to online dating and the #MeToo movement leaves its imprint on the dating scene, nearly half of U.S. adults – and a majority of women – say that dating has become harder in the last 10 years.

Since there are no guarantees whether or not a date will work out for you, you have to be emotionally prepared for pretty much everything that might happen. “Having the right level of expectation is really important to ensuring you both enjoy your date, and stay motivated for future ones,” dating coach Hayley Quinn told us.

“Dating is a process, so don’t go on a first date expecting to meet ‘The One’! A good level of expectation to have for a first date is that you’re going to have fun and be curious about the other person. A first date isn’t about anyone judging anyone else, it’s just an opportunity to see if that level of connection between you could be there,” Quinn explained.


Went to pick up my blind date. She opened the door and looked at me.


I looked at her and said “Yeah, I agree” and turned on my heel and left. Total date time Less than 5 minutes.



This guy and I were eating dinner after chatting for a couple of weeks, and unprompted (in the middle of something I was saying) and completely unrelated to what was being discussed he said something along the lines of, “So you know in order for this to work you’re gonna have to share yourself right? My friends and I like to pass girls around.”

I was pretty dumbfounded and after a bit of stuttering I told him I didn’t think it was going to work, asked for a to-go box and my portion of the check, and noped the f**k outta there.

Most of us have probably been in an awkward situation where the date isn’t going well and we want to leave early but can’t find a nice way to do it. According to Quinn, that’s something we need to take care of before, not during the evening.

“Instead of thinking about ending a date early, I would try to avoid planning dates where you’re going to end up feeling over-committed!” the dating coach said. “Skip dinner and keep it to casual drinks or a coffee in an area that’s convenient to you.”

However, if you get enough bad vibes to start feeling you need to hit the eject button, then Quinn advises to be candid and say something along the lines of, “I appreciate you meeting me, but although it’s awkward I want to be upfront that I don’t think we have that chemistry.”

“If you feel too unsafe to do this, yes you can make an excuse to leave (the old phone a friend) or tell a member of staff at the venue that you’re looking for Angela, this is a code word to let members of staff know you feel unsafe, and they should assist you into a taxi,” the dating coach said.


Not me but this happened to a friend. Context: friend has a beard. So my friend picks up this girl and they’re on their way to dinner and she says “You do realize that if this is gonna work you have to shave that off right?” He didn’t say anything, just turned around and dropped her back off at her house



Great chats online, decided to meet in person.

He’s got a blue tooth headset with a little LED light that shows it’s on. He keeps it on during drinks. I work up the nerve to ask if he can take off the headset while we’re eating dinner.

With pride and complete confidence he says, “Don’t worry! You totally have my full attention. This isn’t a phone headset, it’s a camera.”



He was 45 minutes late picking me up (weather was quite poor so I gave him a pass)

Get to the coffee shop, take off my jacket and immediately he says, “I see you brought your A game, or should I say, D game “ referring to my breasts. (I’m surprisingly busty for my frame)

Even the people 2 tables over just stopped and looked at him.



I had to pick him up and he complained about everything. My car, the way I drove, my music taste, why was I being so quiet while carefully plotting my escape plan. Definitely the moment he said “My friends really want to meet you. I need them to know you’re real.” Annnnnnndddddd that’s when I bounced.


I had a first date with a girl who told me, “Actually I’m engaged but I’m not 100% sure if he’s the right one. So I’m going to go out on a few dates to see if I change my mind.”

Check please!


First date we are at a Japanese restaurant. She asked me my star sign, I replied “Scorpio”. She leaned over the table and slapped me clean & hard across the face. Naturally I was shocked and confused, I mouthed “What…?”, she firmly says “I NEVER date Scorpios”. I went to the bathroom, came back – she had gone, and paid for everything.


First date. Went bowling, turned around and he was going through my phone. A little soon, I think….


Went to meet a guy for the first time at his house. There was a pile of toenail clippings on his coffee table. And it wasn’t one recent clipping. It was like, many clippings. Out the door I went.



She finally let it slip that she had a bf lol “but it was totally fine bc things had been going bad for a long time and she was going to break up with him.” My thoughts were that if she would do that to him she’d do it to me. No thanks.


She looked over my shoulder and said, “Oh, my other date is here.”



Blind date – she took to a fetish party – asked me if i wanted to pee on a guy with her- told her no thanks I’ll use the urinal this time and split.