A very few people can identify the magic an ordinary thing hold. Even if does not, they can turn them into something magical. Being creative is God’s gift, but making sense from your creativity is what you have to figure out. A leg of an ordinary chair can be utilized to make a pencil leg for a tab which later becomes a present for a teacher.

Here at Hiptoro, we bring you 21 genius things created by ordinary people. As you scroll down, you will realize such gems these little things are.

1. Grandpa made an amazing cradle for his grandson.

2. “Before and after our van build. It was 8 months of hard work almost every day.”

3. Hyper-realistic bridge diorama

4. “Perhaps my greatest work. Guinea pigs for scale.”

5. “A tie clip with a functioning thermometer”

6. “Dog kennel bed: We have a small house, so we made this loft of a bed and the dogs get kenneled right below us.”

7. “3D printed speakers — my project is finally finished!”

8. “I hand carved a new wooden wedding ring!”

9. “I made this to replace the stupid Lazy Susan cabinet.”

10. “This work desk is made from the body of an actual Tesla car.”

11. “I made a stool for my girlfriend who is a teacher.”

12. “Recently found a broken baby grand piano in the trash and turned it into a coffee table.”

13. “A bunk bed for my son’s glasses”

14. “I took a dying leaf off my houseplant and painted some starscapes on it!”

15. “I made an outdoor lounge chair from an old office chair.”

16. “I made folding chairs and a table from old pallets.”

17. “A before and after of how we turned our guest bathroom into a walk-in closet.”

18. “I collected bottle caps for 5 years to make this table.”

19. This hat contains a solar panel and a small fan.

20. A shelf made from a piano

21. “I made a hidden glow-in-the-dark galaxy on my resin kitchen floor.”