You would be lying if you say that you have never purchased anything online. Buying things online has become so convenient for us. And now, we are dependent on it. Whether we want to purchase a stunning outfit, couch, doormat, or anything else, we instantly place an online order. 

While some of us are blessed enough to receive exactly what they have paid for, others were, well they were not very happy. How can they be? After all, when they were ordering these cool stuff, they were not aware of the reality. And now when they know the truth, they have shared the pictures and netizens cannot their laugh. 

If you also want to see how unfair life can be, scroll down and have a look. 

P.S. Some of the delivered items are truly unbelievable. 

1. “Can’t quite believe my eyes.”

2. “What my sister ordered vs What she got. Guys, I’m not kidding at all.”

3. “Ordered a pair of shoes online, they took a while to get delivered. When they arrived I was so excited to try them on, and then realized they were both for my left foot.”

4. “What I wanted to receive and what I got”

5. “My boss presented me with this chocolate and I was surprised when I opened it…”

6. “When you forgot to check the size of the product”

7. “Someone saved money on cream.”

8. “I was really looking forward to this shirt.”

9. “I ordered wipes online and this is what they sent me.”

10. “It lacks any visible coconut flakes.”

11. “AliExpress is amazing.”

12. “What my dad ordered vs What he got in the mail”

13. “Found a cheap kitchen scale — I feel like something is missing.”

14. “My ’full-sized’ Mjolnir arrived. I’m still happy and I refused to let my moment be ruined.”

15. “Ordered some reclining camping chairs online…”

16. “What I bought from AliExpress vs What I got”

17. “Maybe I just need to water it and it’ll grow…”

18. “Ordered a sink rack for $30 (sale price). Came in today… Fits a whole bar of soap if you can believe it!”