Dog lovers, we meet again.

To brighten your day, we are here with you again bringing to your screens the most hilarious yet best dog encounters people shared on the Internet.

1 – The dog seems to be pretty intrigued by the painting and it has left me wondering, what is on that painting!

My Sister Went To Visit Our Grandparents Today And Our Grandfather (Who Unfortunately Has Dementia) Felt Really Sad For The Dogs Who Had To Stay Outside. So He Spent The Day Entertaining Them By Showing Them Various Paintings

2. Can’t decide what is more beautiful. The rainbow or the doggo.

3. Someone’s desperately trying to get to the other side of the wall from that little hole.

4. Hello there, gorgeous!

5. Awww, look at those cute little teeth!

6. Oh. My. God. This is heaven!

7. You are definitely lucky as hell!

8. Perfect puppy eyes don’t exi…

9. I won’t leave you, I pawmise.

10. Hey, can I come into the picture too?

11. How may I help you today, sir?

12. How many treats are left in my account, ma’am?

13. What a golden day, it is!

14. Guess I’m gonna have to travel to Newfoundland too. Or travel with Newfoundland. Ugh, it’s so confusing.

15. If only I could get greetings from a dog like this during my way to work.

16. I’d steal that adorable ball of fluff!

17. That is a cute little Pawincess.

18. Someone’s having a fun ride!

19. Mickey mouse be like, “Goofy, put me down boy”.

20. “Hey, do you wanna come over? We are having a little party.”

21. Or maybe he just wants to become friends with you?

22. That’s it! My brain has malfunctioned after seeing the amount of cuteness in this picture!

23. Shadow is handsome AF.

24. “I’m a good doggo. Can you take me out for a walk, please?”

25. Awww… why do you look so scared, smol baby?

26. Oh god, look at those adorable eyes!

27. And you are? The vocalist?

28. Hello, I’m yoda.

29. Hello, Sir. Welcome aboard.

30. Awww, someone’s too sleepy.

31. Are you that famous Dalmatian from the movie 101 Dalmatian!?

32. Isn’t she beautiful AF!?

33. OMG! I am going to faint… someone, please take me there!

34. “Damn, that shit was dope. I feel so high.”

35. “Take my breath awayyyyyyyy” *Plays in the background*