Hello, dog lovers. We know you are back to check some cute and fresh images of dogs. Don’t worry, we won’t disappoint you at all. Today, we have a good collection of pictures from the popular Dogspotting group on Facebook.

For those of you who follow the group on Facebook, you already know the rules. You cannot share images of your pets at home. The dogs you spot on your workplace, or at someone’s else home or on the road, only those images are accepted by the group on Facebook.

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Today, we share with you hilarious dogs encounters that people have shared on Dogspotting.

1 – The dog seems to be pretty intrigued by the painting and it has left me wondering, what is on that painting!

Grandfather who has dementia shows the dog outside painting all day to entertain him.

2. Can’t decide what is more beautiful. The rainbow or the doggo.

“Hello, hooman. Can I come out to play now?”

3. Someone’s desperately trying to get to the other side of the wall from that little hole.

“Heyyyy, I was first. Let me try first.”

The admins of the group shared, “Dogspotting is a game, sport, and lifestyle of spotting random dogs you encounter.’

4. Hello there, gorgeous!

“Can I get some snacks in here? Please?”

5. Awww, look at those cute little teeth!

6. Oh. My. God. This is heaven!

Spotted these cuties in the drive-thru, got permission to click a picture.

7. You are definitely lucky as hell!

8. Perfect puppy eyes don’t exi…

Oh My God! This face can make anyone do anything

9. I won’t leave you, I pawmise.

Tovah Roche – “I’ll never let go, Jack. I’ll never let go. I promise.”

10. Hey, can I come into the picture too?

She was waiting for a taxi and found this cute doggo.

11. How may I help you today, sir?

Max has a small space in the fence to pop out and say hi to passangers.

12. How many treats are left in my account, ma’am?

Scagsy – “Don’t worry! If my cheque bounces I’ll chase it and catch it – I likes bouncies”

13. What a golden day, it is!

14. Guess I’m gonna have to travel to Newfoundland too. Or travel with Newfoundland. Ugh, it’s so confusing.

I Found A Newfoundland In Newfoundland!

15. If only I could get greetings from a dog like this during my way to work.

“Hey, psst. You got any treats for me?”

16. I’d steal that adorable ball of fluff!

17. That is a cute little Pawincess.

Princess is a toothless dog and loves to sleep in an old suitcase.

18. Someone’s having a fun ride!

19. Mickey mouse be like, “Goofy, put me down boy”.

Ellie likes to walk the town holding her favourite to toy in her mouth.

20. “Hey, do you wanna come over? We are having a little party.”

He was peeking from the wall, while a passenger saw him near the beach in Scotland

21. Or maybe he just wants to become friends with you?

22. That’s it! My brain has malfunctioned after seeing the amount of cuteness in this picture!

Dad was leading his pups to the yard for playtime

23. Shadow is handsome AF.

24. “I’m a good doggo. Can you take me out for a walk, please?”

25. Awww… why do you look so scared, smol baby?

“But why can’t I have something to drink?”

26. Oh god, look at those adorable eyes!

“Did you lost your ball, Mr Williams?”

27. And you are? The vocalist?

28. Hello, I’m yoda.

29. Hello, Sir. Welcome aboard.

30. Awww, someone’s too sleepy.

31. Are you that famous Dalmatian from the movie 101 Dalmatian!?

32. Isn’t she beautiful AF!?

“Hey, Mister. Can you take a picture of me, please?”

33. OMG! I am going to faint… someone, please take me there!

Campaigning with 19 dogs? So much fun.

34. “Damn, that shit was dope. I feel so high.”

Spotted this dog at a bar with his owner who rescued him sometime back from Tijuana Mexico

35. “Take my breath awayyyyyyyy” *Plays in the background*

Afghan hound on a ride