How far can you go to prove your point? A point that probably didn’t need to be proven in the first place?

We have listed a couple of things that people have shared the stupidest things they have done to prove their point.

The Waterproof Phone Lie

“In 2001, my sister got me a Sony phone, a tiny little thing with a flip-down front. She worked in a phone shop and got a discount. The box said the phone was waterproof, and there were tiny rubber seals in places. I believed them.

“At the pub where I worked, this aspect came up in conversation. Some guy said the phone couldn’t be waterproof and that shower proof was probably more accurate. Remembering the box, I argued the point . . . And dropped my phone into a pint of beer to prove it. I was wrong. Brutal but a well-earned life lesson.” ⏤Queen-of-Beans

No matter how much something electrical protests to be “waterproof” on the box, I never have the faith required to get it wet due to stories like this.

Putting A Cigarette Out On Their Arm

“Put a cigarette out on my arm, Logan-Style (X-Men), because some dudes in my class didn’t believe me when I told them I don’t feel much pain in the arms.

“I still don’t but got a real bad infection, the beating of a lifetime from my mom (first and the last beating I ever got – just for my stupidity) and the scar on my Arm is (luckily) not big but ugly.” ⏤Kalem_Ishtarr

Christ alive, cigarette burns hurt. I remember grabbing one from the wrong end when I was drunk at age 17 because I was that asshat.

Drinking Oil!

“I used to work at a movie theatre. As it gets to midnight, all the employees hang out behind the concessions counter, chat, and eat the popcorn before we have to throw it out, etc. One of them dared someone to do a butter shot. But like, the liquid butter for popcorn is way closer to straight oil. Such an oil shot.

“I’m always a fiend for attention, so I said pass it to me, and I downed it without letting myself think about the consequences. It tasted like liquid plastic, and I hated it, but everyone was howling and incredulous, and I felt relaxed for a whole minute.

“Pooped my brains out the next morning. Worth it.” ⏤MasterOfOne

I mean, it doesn’t sound like it was worth it if you ask me! I don’t think that anything that makes you poop yourself is really worth doing!

Problem In The Jeans

“In grade school, maybe age 11 or 12, I had these cheap jeans. I figured out that I could flex my belly and pop the button open, I found this funny, and my guy friends in the class laughed too. One of them turns to a girl, ‘hey, check out what [brother_meowzone] can do.’ I flexed my belly and let out a huge fart while the button popped open. She turned away, my buddy laughed, and I never did this trick again.” ⏤brother_meowzone

Soft, I can feel the embarrassment in this one. It’s making my whole body tense up! I can see why they wouldn’t risk it again!

The Classic Tongue Stuck To Pole Scenario

“Stuck my tongue to a metal pole on the playground in the dead of winter. To my credit, I had not yet seen ‘A Christmas Story,’ and my friend’s older brother had just said ‘don’t put your tongue on that’ and not in a warning tone. More of a ‘you won’t’ tone.

“We all now know what the result is when you put a tongue to a metal pole in the dead of winter. My tongue instantly stuck to the pole. I was stunned. To make matters worse, the morning recess bell rang. In a panic, I grabbed my tongue and ripped it off. Blood was everywhere. Fast forward a quick trip to the hospital, and I got to eat pudding for a week straight.” ⏤browsing_around

The only way out of these situations is to calm down as much as possible and leave your tongue there until your body heat helps melt it back off. Not that I’m talking from experience…

The Sting Of Defeat

“Walked through the brush of our treeline to get a football to prove it wasn’t poison ivy. I did it. I got the football.

“It was poison ivy.” ⏤Hellboy32607

Until now, I have never been stung by poison ivy, and I feel that now I have said that I will fall through a cataclysmic amount of poison ivy over the next few days!

I Bet You Can’t Do A Backflip!

“I can do a standing backflip. The best time to prove this isn’t when your seven drinks deep wearing a short bridesmaids dress and underwear made for speed, not comfort.

“Yep, brides grandma got to see my ass, but I landed it perfectly.” ⏤littleredhoodlum

I tried to prove that I could do a handstand once while incredibly drunk at a wedding. I cannot do one even when sober… It’s a miracle I didn’t break my skull when my arms buckled and I cracked my head on the concrete outside the venue. Thank goodness no one recorded it.

Belly Flop!

“Cliff diving, saw an old man do a front flip off a 40-foot cliff. I said if he can do it, so can I. I did the flip alright, followed by a belly flop that Zeus could hear. Knocked the air out of me, but luckily people were floating nearby to save my dumb ass.” ⏤Skarface08

Just because someone is older doesn’t mean that you can do everything that they can do! I bet that old man had a good laugh at this person…once they checked, they were alive, of course.

The Ultimate Power Play!

“I (at an age like 9-10) wanted a cookie that my friend had. Said friend proceeded to lick the entire cookie thoroughly. Still, want it? He said, holding it out. Dumbass me proceeded to grab it and eat it in one bite.

“Total power move looking back on it.” ⏤benx101

I had a friend who did something similar with a piece of chewing gum that someone else had been eating, and the thought of it still makes me retch to this day!

How Poisonous Do You Think This Spider Is?

“I let a black widow spider bite me to prove that they were venomous but not deadly. I also won a $150 bet.” ⏤Pogo1974

Nope, there’s no way that I would be doing this for any amount of money! This person went on to say, “It did inject venom. The spot was red, a little swollen, and somewhat sensitive to touch for a few days. The bet wasn’t that nothing would happen, just that it would not be life-threatening.”

How Far Can You Jump?

“I told my 6th-grade friends I could [jump] off a two-story roof and not get hurt. Guess who only got a scraped knee that day? Not me. I broke my leg…” ⏤DemiDork231

How Long Can You Hold Your Breath For?

“As a kid, I told my friends I could hold my breath for a long time, long enough to pass out. And that’s exactly what I proceeded to do.” ⏤hellbentforleisure

I don’t know why kids are always competitive about who can hold their breath for the longest, but they are! We used to do it by seeing how long you could hold your breath underwater, which was incredibly dangerous looking back!

How Much Butter Can You Eat?

“Not me, but one of my former co-workers told us about the time he ate a tub of butter on a dare. He made it about halfway through and had to throw up. He said what came out was neon yellow. For the next month, the smell of butter made him gag, and when he sweated, he could still smell it.

“You’d think he’d learn, but he attempted the butter tub challenge a second time. This time, he paced himself and finished the whole thing! He said the problem, though, was eating it before having to catch a train. While he was waiting, his heart was racing, and he felt so excited, he did pushups and jumping jacks at Penn Station.” ⏤YounomsayinMawfk

How Far Can You Fit Your Finger Up Your Nose?

“Shoved my pointer finger into my nose up to the second knuckle. I then got a sinus infection. Who knew.” ⏤booby111

This one made me feel a little ill, if I’m honest, and this was only made worse when one other person replied, “My daughter did that to me when she was 2. Then she hooked her finger and pulled. I had a terrible blood nose, and for a few days, if I sneezed, it would start back up. 0/10 would not recommend.”

“You Won’t Like It!”

“I was about four years old, and my grandfather was making something with buttermilk. I saw it in his hand, and I cried and screamed and begged to have some. He kept saying, ‘No, you won’t like it!’, but I persisted. He finally poured me an entire glass. I took one swig, and I’m sure he could see the disgust on my face because he looked like he had won. I stared at him right in his eyeballs as I chugged the entire glass.” ⏤steffinator117

I remember doing something similar when I first begged my mum to buy me a cheese string despite her protests that I wouldn’t like it. Sure enough, she was right, and I had to eat the whole plasticky thing.

Staying Up All Night To Get Around Curfew

“Parents put a curfew on the computer when I was ~12 during summer break. No gaming from 10 pm-6 am. A reasonable person would go to bed at 10-10:30 and wake up at 7 to play, right? 12 year old me just…stayed up until 6 am, woke up my parents, and played until noon. Then died until dinner.

“Rinse and repeat for a few days until my parents got sick of waking up at 6 am. Then I went back to gaming until like 2 am.” ⏤Hailene2092

Part of growing up is playing video games until ridiculous hours of the morning. That’s just a straight-up fact! Don’t take your kid’s childhood away from them like this!

Feelin’ Hot Hot Hot!

“A buddy bet I couldn’t finish the spiciest chicken sandwich at this joint known for insanely spicy chicken in under 30 minutes. I knew I messed up when they gave me gloves to eat the sandwich so the sauce couldn’t touch my skin and made me sign a waiver.

“Won the bet, but really I lost in the end.” ⏤mixedwithmonet

I’m not too bad at eating challenges when quantity is the main goal, but the spiciness is a no-go for me!

Stapling Fingers Together… Yes, I Just Said That!

“When I was 6, I stapled my fingers because I had convinced all of my friends that I had iron hands.” ⏤ShelikeMykicks

I bet that this quickly showed everyone that they very much didn’t have “iron hands” as they so believed! The giveaway was probably when the blood came pouring out!

Starting Smoking Only To Quit

“My partner was a heavy smoker, and at the time, I’d never touched a cigarette. I would subtly—and sometimes not-so-subtly, but always lovingly—urge her to quit. She told me I had no idea how hard it was. I decided to take up smoking for about a month and then quit to show her I could do it.

“That was ten years ago. I’m on a pack a day. She no longer smokes.” ⏤UniversalPolymath

I guess they did get their partner to quit, which is a very thin silver lining but one nonetheless!